Howard Travel Notice (COVID-19)

Please remember to routinely check your Bison student emails! In order to remained updated and aware of what is happening on and off campus.

Howard University has recently sent out an official travel notice pertaining to the Coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19 by the CDC). Now that there is confirmation of the first positive case in Washington, D.C., Howard University students need to be sure that they are being extremely precautionary. As of March 9th, there are nine positive cases in the DMV area: “2 in D.C., 2 in Virginia, and 5 in Maryland”.

In order to keep students on campus safe, the University imposed a travel restriction. This restriction is mandated for all University supported travel, but it does not effect (although suggested) individual travel.

…Howard University announced the suspension of all University-supported, non-essential international travel for students, faculty, and staffThis includes future group trips, spring break programs and individual travel. It also includes mandatory requests for approval of future international travel by the Provost and remains in place until further notice.

Department of Public Safety and Student Health Center

The University cannot cancel spring break, but would like students who choose to travel to be safe and knowledgeable about the what is going on in the nation. If you do choose to travel next week, please remember to consistently wash your hands and refrain from being around sick people! In addition, registered and insured Howard University students have access to a 24-hour telemedicine service at for medical or mental health advice! Please take advantage of the resources provided to you and have a safe spring break.