Entertainment Spotlight

Entertainment Spotlight: Kyle Exum

Written By: Jerald James III

Hailing from Hartford, CT, marketing major Kyle Exum has made his presence known across the world as a young entertainer.  His fame began with his viral videos on the social media app Vine. Even with the decline of Vine, he was able to adapt, just as any great School of Business student would, and transitioned to Youtube.  On Youtube, Kyle doubles as a comedian/rapper, has over well over three million subscribers, and leverages his success on youtube to produce and release his own music project, “Trap 3 Little Pigs.” 

“My favorite thing about what I do is I feel like I make an impact on the world by making people happy.  People tell me all the time that when they’re having a bad day or going through rough times, they turn to my videos to get through it.” 

– Kyle Exum

Black Women In History

As we all know, March is Women’s History Month. It is the month that we set aside specifically to celebrate the special accomplishments of strong women going against the grain. However, even during this month, the spectacular feats and rich history of black women can be overshadowed and ignored. So, let’s shed some light on a few of our powerful black Queens that may not be on the top of your mind!

Madam C.J. Walker – Sis gotta Netflix show for a reason! As we all know, she was one of the first African-American women to become a self-made millionaire. Born Sarah Breedlove on September 23, 1867, she developed African-American hair care products, becoming a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her husband, Charles J. Walker, encouraged her to adopt the name Madam C.J. Walker, because it was more recognizable.

Wilma Rudolph – If ya don’t know, now ya know! Wilma Rudolph was an olympic track star, becoming the first American woman to earn three gold medals at the same olympic games in 1960. She was dubbed the “fastest woman in the world” at only 20! Talk about a claim to fame!

Shirley Chisholm – In 1969, Shirley Chisholm made history as she became the first African-American women to run for Congress and win. She served as the representative for New York’s 12th congressional district from 1969-1983. Receiving a Master’s Degree from Columbia University, she was a civil rights activist that undoubtedly paved the way for black women in politics.

Top 5 Travel Tips for our SOB Students

The HU Bottom Line magazine wants to make sure you are prepared for your upcoming trips. Spring break is just around the corner so what better time than now to give you all some helpful tips!

  1. Pack smarter not harder. Overpacking is just as bad as under packing. Make sure to lay out your clothes, shoes, and toiletries in advance so don’t forget anything and so you can plan out your days and determine what you truly need.
  2. If you are traveling internationally, don’t forget to call your bank! Once you inform them you’ll be out of town you can  avoid any holds on your cards. Bring cash just in case.
  3. Never bring your passport with you! Pack away other important items or keep them in a safe if available.
  4. Pack medicine! Even if pharmacies are accessible to you, pack medicines you might need in case you can’t get to one. Advil, Tums, Dayquil, and Benadryl are some good items to bring with you.
  5. Try new things! Go on adventures, try the local foods, take lots of pictures, and stay off your phones. It could be a trip you never want to forget!

Tips for Internship & Job Searches

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a broke college student looking for a summer internship and/or full-time job for after graduation! Well, you’re in luck because I’m here to tell you some key tips to finding some great jobs and internships.

First of all, congratulations! You’re in college, prospering, and doing amazing. I know you’re enjoying yourself, but you should also be thinking about the next steps in life because the college phase come to an end pretty quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be accepting internship and job offers. Here are a few tips to get you through those offers!

Don’t be afraid to start interning early. The more you intern, the more experience you get, and the more you build your resume. Also, internships are a great way to make lifelong connections with people.

Continue to update your resume! Every time you join an organization, help on campus, mentor a student, snag an internship position, UPDATE your resume. This lets employers know that you’re keeping busy and extending your experience. Make a LinkedIn and connect with employers and your peers.

CLEAN your social media habits! This is very important. Please, please please don’t post anything incriminating on social media. Jobs can see past private pages and fake names. Be mindful of the things you say, because like your mama said, “once it’s on the internet, it can never be deleted.”

Last but not least network like it’s your job (because it is)! It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Networking can get your foot through the door of any company. Once you’re in, you’re good to go. You never know how far networking can take you!

Good luck, be scholarly and relax! College is the best time of your life!

Howard Travel Notice (COVID-19)

Please remember to routinely check your Bison student emails! In order to remained updated and aware of what is happening on and off campus.

Howard University has recently sent out an official travel notice pertaining to the Coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19 by the CDC). Now that there is confirmation of the first positive case in Washington, D.C., Howard University students need to be sure that they are being extremely precautionary. As of March 9th, there are nine positive cases in the DMV area: “2 in D.C., 2 in Virginia, and 5 in Maryland”.

In order to keep students on campus safe, the University imposed a travel restriction. This restriction is mandated for all University supported travel, but it does not effect (although suggested) individual travel.

…Howard University announced the suspension of all University-supported, non-essential international travel for students, faculty, and staffThis includes future group trips, spring break programs and individual travel. It also includes mandatory requests for approval of future international travel by the Provost and remains in place until further notice.

Department of Public Safety and Student Health Center

The University cannot cancel spring break, but would like students who choose to travel to be safe and knowledgeable about the what is going on in the nation. If you do choose to travel next week, please remember to consistently wash your hands and refrain from being around sick people! In addition, registered and insured Howard University students have access to a 24-hour telemedicine service at www.telehelp4students.com for medical or mental health advice! Please take advantage of the resources provided to you and have a safe spring break.

Executive Lecture Series

The Executive Lecture Series program creates an environment where our students learn from top C-suite professionals about career management. For the first time we hosted executives from the non-profit sector this year. Ms. Terri Ludwig, CEO of Enterprise Community Partners and Mr. Charlie Werhane, President and CEO of Enterprise Community Investment, Inc are leaders of a nonprofit that improves communities and people’s lives by making well-designed homes affordable. Over 35 years, Enterprise has created 529,000 homes and invested $36 billion.


We also hosted Mr. Mike Corbat, CEO of Citigroup, and Mr. Gene Dodaro, the eighth Comptroller General of the United States and head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). In the industry of sports welcomed Mr. Marc Lasry, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Avenue Capital Group and co-owner of the NBA Milwaukee Bucks.  We were also proud to host Mr. Robert D. Manfred, Jr., the 10th Commissioner in the history of Major League Baseball. 

32573447987_a62db40708_o.jpgPictured above: Mr. Robert D. Manfred, Jr., the 10th MLB Commissioner

50th Anniversary: School of Business

Howard University’s School of Business will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in the Fall of 2020. The business school has already began making preparations for the 2020 Homecoming Dinner & Celebration which will take place during Homecoming Weekend in 2020 in Washington, D.C. Alumni are highly encouraged to join in this celebration of the work that the School of Business has accomplished over the past 50 years. Stay tuned for more information on this anniversary extravaganza!