Entrepreneurial Students of the School of Business

Delon Dixon

Tren$etters LLC, founded by Delon Dixon is an online training and coaching platform designed to help people take control of their finances by establishing the correct mindset in regards to day trading.

Founder & CEO of Tren$etters, Delon Dixon is a graduating senior supply chain management major from Cedar Rapids, Iowa by-way of Houston, Texas. Delon carries a strong passion for entrepreneurship and empowering others to “Set The Trend for life, resisting societies outdated blueprint.” As a job will always be temporary, you will never be able to have complete control of your life financially if you allow someone else to write the check for you. Choosing to be paid based solely on position rather than performance, you will always remain behind the curve when it comes to tapping into your true potential. The Tren$etter platform was originated off the concept of finding true, authentic solutions to the global problem of people stuck in the “rat race” with no means to escape the traditional “9-5.” Tren$etters teaches individuals about the largest financial market in the world; The Foreign Exchange (Forex) where global economies interact with one another providing individuals an opportunities to profit off the daily movement that occurs. The mission is to help equip all dreamers with the correct tools to achieve true financial freedom they deserve by strategic, affirmative, and efficient trading decisions and risk management.

 “Never believed in giving a man a fish, because I knew he would return swiftly for another.. rather instead I taught him how so he could feed his legacy for a lifetime.”

 – CEO of Tren$etters LLC.


 Nya Southerland

Nya Amani Skincare provides 100% natural and organic products that focus on the health and elasticity of the skin to improve the quality with every single use!

    Nya Amani Southerland, graduating senior, marketing major from Bridgeport Connecticut , decided to start this business after many years of struggling with problematic, acne-prone skin. Since her junior year in high school she struggled with cystic acne, accompanied by hyperpigmentation, inflammation and a combination of excessively dry and oily skin. After using many over the counter products that claimed to “cure acne” she realized that nothing was working and she decided to take another approach. Her mother took her to a doctor, who diagnosed her with a gluten and dairy allergy which was the cause of her consistent cystic acne.

Soon after cutting gluten and dairy out her her diet, the acne stopped appearing but she was left with severe hyperpigmentation that took a toll on her confidence. Extensive research (watching youtube videos) convinced her to try natural products, that only contained organic ingredients. Shortly after, her skin cleared up progressively and she began to feel confident again. This journey of trials and tribulations influenced her to start a natural skincare line of her own, to help those with stories similar to hers. “Skin is always in” is what she tells herself daily as she continues to use and create 100% natural and organic skincare products for herself, her family, and her customers. Nya  plans on continuing her career in sales and entrepreneurship. Her long term goal is to open up a retail store that specializes in all local, homemade, NATURAL black owned cosmetics

“The Best Foundation You Can Wear is Glowing Healthy Skin!”

Isaiah Lewis

Isaiah Lewis is  a sophomore Finance major with a concentration in actuarial science from Baltimore, MD. At the age if 15 he co- founded EdAnime Productions along with a few family members. EdAnime is an educational production company created with the mission of creating positive imagery of black people in the media and using educational media to teach children a variety of subjects. Their first project, Meltrek, we focus on teaching about black history culture and achievements that are traditionally not taught in schools. Meltrek includes an animated film and book series, in which a diverse group of five friends travel back in time and learn about African history through animation, hip-hop music and also literature.They have sold thousands of Meltrek products in over 40 states and 10 countries. The project has amazing reviews on Amazon and on the online store edanimeproductions.com where all Meltrek products are available for purchase. Over the last five years they have also gained a large social media following (@edanimeproductions) including 20k+ followers on facebook and 10k+ followers on instagram.Isaiah’s goal is to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in the black community for the betterment of black families, neighborhoods, and the international black community. “The best confidence is the progeny of good pr

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