Entrepreneurial Students of the School of Business

Delon Dixon Tren$etters LLC, founded by Delon Dixon is an online training and coaching platform designed to help people take control of their finances by establishing the correct mindset in regards to day trading. Founder & CEO of Tren$etters, Delon Dixon is a graduating senior supply chain management major from Cedar Rapids, Iowa by-way of … More Entrepreneurial Students of the School of Business

Black Women In History

As we all know, March is Women’s History Month. It is the month that we set aside specifically to celebrate the special accomplishments of strong women going against the grain. However, even during this month, the spectacular feats and rich history of black women can be overshadowed and ignored. So, let’s shed some light on … More Black Women In History

HU Cyber Center Ramping Up New Programs

The Howard University Cybersecurity Education & Research Center (A.K.A the ‘HU Cyber Center’) is ramping up new programs to prepare students and community members for careers in cybersecurity. CERC programs and offerings will assist students and faculty as they thrive as practitioners, thought leaders, and continual learners. With support from key sponsors including Enlightened Inc, … More HU Cyber Center Ramping Up New Programs

Executive Lecture Series

The Executive Lecture Series program creates an environment where our students learn from top C-suite professionals about career management. For the first time we hosted executives from the non-profit sector this year. Ms. Terri Ludwig, CEO of Enterprise Community Partners and Mr. Charlie Werhane, President and CEO of Enterprise Community Investment, Inc are leaders of a nonprofit that improves … More Executive Lecture Series