Entertainment Spotlight

Entertainment Spotlight: Kyle Exum

Written By: Jerald James III

Hailing from Hartford, CT, marketing major Kyle Exum has made his presence known across the world as a young entertainer.  His fame began with his viral videos on the social media app Vine. Even with the decline of Vine, he was able to adapt, just as any great School of Business student would, and transitioned to Youtube.  On Youtube, Kyle doubles as a comedian/rapper, has over well over three million subscribers, and leverages his success on youtube to produce and release his own music project, “Trap 3 Little Pigs.” 

“My favorite thing about what I do is I feel like I make an impact on the world by making people happy.  People tell me all the time that when they’re having a bad day or going through rough times, they turn to my videos to get through it.” 

– Kyle Exum

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